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Archery is a popular Saturday morning club here at the 1st Pontefract Scouts.

The club is open to all Scouts & Guides in the area from the age of 8 to 18. Our leaders are trained up to Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) standards.

If you are members of 1PSC just come along to the Archery Session for your FREE trial session.

There will be a one off membership payment fee of £15 plus a minimal range fee of £2.00 on the day to cover the clubs running costs. The club is run every Saturday at 1PSC for two hours from 10:00am depending on leader availability. However please note that during School holidays the archery club will be closed. To join please come along at 9:45am on the day to ask about membership.



Fee £12:00 for 3 Lessons & 1 Competition. Open to any Cub Scout aged 9 or over, Scouts or Explorer Scouts in the district.
See Kev for more details or e-mail:


As with all activities like archery and shooting there is an element of risk.

You must follow all the safety rules of the range to minimize those risks, read the Risk Assessment before starting and listen to the field Captain.

Non-1PS Scout Leaders

For those Scout Leaders in the district who are not members of 1PSC the facility is available to you too, we have a minimal range fee to cover the groups costs. We can run anything from junior training sessions to competitions


Scout Leaders in the District

We also run Archery lessons for new leaders wanting to help out here at the centre or even get trained to run their own range at your Scout HQ

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